New V.Rohto, Japan’s No.1 Eye drop did free eye screening camp for 5 days. The campaign was held from 22nd April to 26th April. 10 different firms were selected having maximum number of employee to do maximum eye screening. One Kiosk was set up in every firm. 4 doctors from Teaching Hospital was hired for eye examining process. The main objective of this campaign was to provide free eye screening service for the people who spend their time maximum in electronic devices. Altogether 999 people from different 10 firms got their eye checked and was very satisfied by the service provided by New V.Rohto.



About New V.Rohto: New V.Rohto is the Japanese No. 1 eye drop that helps to protect and nourish the eye. With its active ingredients Vitamin B5, B6, Amino Acids, anti-inflammator and anti-hasitamine improves eyestrain, congestion, eye itchiness, prevent eye diseases from dust and sweat. Besides, New V.Rohto also contains sodium chondroitin sulfate, one component of tear, which protects corneal surface in dry and dusty environment, effective to prevent eye from dry eye.